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Shanghai Broadmobi Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shanghai Broadmobi Communication Technology Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary ofWutong Group,was established in 2009,  focuses on products and solutionsdevelopment inwireless data access area,and dedicates itself to deliver professional wireless communication products and solutions for the mobile IOT clients, to meet the demand for wireless data transmission,exchange and application in mobile internet era.


The product solutions are focused on 3G\LTE\NB-IOT and Wi-Fi areas. The solution platform includes Qualcomm, Marvell and etc.The products include USB Modems, Mobile Wi-Fi Routers, CPEs, and otherLTE\NB-IOT\Wi-Fimodules. We can also provide turnkey solutions and cooperate in other different ways.


Our customers are from all over the world including Chinese mainland,South-East Asia,South America, Africa, Taiwan,and Russia.



Profile of Wutong Group:

Wutong Group wasfounded on June 22, 1999, located at NO. 2596 Taidong oad, Huangtai Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, with a registered capital of 1.27 billion yuan. The company was listed inShenzhen stock marketon February 29, 2012, with the stock code of 300292.


Wutong Group focuses on delivering Internet information services, mobile telecommunication terminal, and telecommunication connectivity components radio antennas,etc.Wutong Group has a annual revenue of 3 billion RMB and a market cap of over 10 billion RMB, with over 1500 employees globally




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